The PotPons Solution

The legal marijuana industry in the United States is being held back by both Federal laws and private company (Visa/Mastercard) regulations.

PotPons offers a safe and easy to use alternative to cash, complying with individual state MJ banking regulations, for the legal marijuana industry, by providing both consumers and merchants internal access to its proprietary merchant processing system.

  • No need to carry cash
  • Funds are safe and secure
  • Find Merchants in your area
  • Receive up to the minute discounts in your area
  • Deposit Fiat (USD) and Cryptocurrencies

Consumer Use

There is no longer a reason to carry large sums of cash every time you go to the dispensary.

Simply download the PotPons app, deposit your funds at any time and go shopping.

  • Free to use and deposit funds
  • Pay products "in store" or "online"
  • Find special PotPons discounts with local merchants
  • Buy, Sell, Trade, and Give PotPons
*A PotPons Account is an electronic version of your "cash". This is not a debit/credit card account.

Coming to Google Play and the App Store
September 2018

Merchant Use

The PotPons merchant portal provides easy transactions for payment processing of goods and services sold; without the hassel and expense of handling cash.

Now you can grow your business by lowering your expenses and having a direct connection to more consumers.

  • Transactional rates as low as 1.95% + $0.10
  • Buy products from your vendors directly within the system
  • Find PotPons consumers within your area
  • Market directly to your consumers in real time

The PotPons merchant services system
is set to go live in September 2018.

Pre-register now and receive your first month free!

PotPons Virtual Currency Coin

PotPons (PTP)

An ERC20 Token
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000

Peer-To-Peer Trading

Buy, Sell, Trade, and Give PotPons Coins to other PotPons users directly inside the PotPons app.

Buy PotPons Coins

You can buy PotPons coins directly starting June 15, 2018.

Link to be announced on June 15th.

PotPons Team

David Reeves


Trey Melton


Rob Davis


Don Latourette

VP of Sales

Jason Osbourne

West Coast Sales Director

Win Bonner

Central US Sales Manager

Lana Moroz

Data & Blockchain Engineer

Cheryl Edwards

MJ Legal Compliance

Dr. Bob Gates

Corporate Structure

Don West

Crypto Marketing

AC Burgess

MJ Marketing

Allen Dascher

MJ Marketing

Rick Wade

MJ Marketing

Bill Thompson

MJ Marketing

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